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Welcome to Cinema Sips, a blog created with the sole purpose of making the movie-watching experience even more enjoyable. How is this accomplished? By pairing classic films with cocktail recipes that reference something about the movie itself. With this blog, I hope to engage the reader by choosing films that you love and haven’t seen in awhile, or films that maybe you’ve never seen but should. Over the years, I’ve found a lot of single articles and blog posts that list a handful of film and cocktail pairings, but no websites that keep generating new content and take reader feedback. That ends now.

Here are a few simple guidelines to this blog.

– Most of the films that I’ll be posting about are ones that I personally love.  That being said, if you’re really into westerns, action movies, or sci-fi, you may be a little disappointed by my selections.  However, I am going to do my best to include at least a few films outside my typical comfort zone.  If you find that a genre is being totally under-represented, let me know and I’ll do my best to fix that.

– If you have a movie that you want a cocktail pairing for, post it here or on the Cinema Sips Facebook page, or shoot me an email. I promise to do my best to come up with something quickly.

– If you are mixing these cocktails, I assume you’re over 21 and smart enough to know that you should be sitting in front of your TV drinking, not driving to a friend’s house. I leave drunk texting and Facebook posting to your own discretion.

-If you want to rent or purchase any of the films mentioned, I’ve provided links for you to do so.  Just click on the DVD/Download listed in each post and it will take you to Amazon.

Hopefully, after a few months of reading this blog, your liquor cabinet will be appropriately stocked for any occasion, and your home media collection will be the envy of all your friends.  Cheers!


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