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Hi, I’m Liz Locke, and I’d like to thank you for finding your way to Cinema Sips!  I got the idea for this blog after finding that almost every time I put on a favorite movie, I wanted to mix a cocktail that went along with it.  While I continue to work on my writing career, this blog is a fun outlet to explore two of my passions, cinema and cocktails.

My background in cinema includes a minor in Film Studies from George Washington University, a fun summer interning at Turner Classic Movies, and more time spent in dark theaters than I’d care to admit.  My background in cocktails includes working my way through the lounges and bars of Austin, TX, and lots of home experimentation.  I personally make and try every cocktail I feature, so while I’m still honing my photography skills, you can at least trust the mixology.

Thanks for following this blog, and be sure to share your thoughts with me about cocktails and cinema!

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  1. Great blog!


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