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The Money Pit

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money pit

Image credit: The Money Pit, 1986

As I embark on my first major home renovation, one image keeps streaming through my head- Tom Hanks, clinging desperately to a staircase, as his house collapses around him. Granted, my project is just a simple kitchen, but it’s still shocking how quickly even the smallest project can become like The Money Pit (DVD/Download). Budget? Double it. Time? Double it. Sanity? Kiss it goodbye.

I was lucky to find a house that didn’t need a lot of initial work when I moved in eight years ago, unlike Tom Hanks and Shelley Long in The Money Pit. They land a bargain on an enormous mansion, only to find that it needs a staggering amount of renovation. Costs spiral as their relationship implodes, and this funny 80’s slapstick comedy becomes a cautionary tale of home ownership. It’s no wonder Shelley Long is basically drunk throughout this process -my own bar is also heavily stocked! Maybe then I won’t care when workers show up late (if at all), or when my house is enveloped in a cloud of dust, or when my savings account dwindles before my eyes. Enough martinis and you can survive anything.

As anyone who’s ever done a home renovation can tell you, the contractor is king.  Actually, he’s like a mythical creature who you pay enormous sums of money to, before waiting around hopelessly for an encore appearance.  The Shirk Bros. embody this archetype perfectly, and that name- spot on.  In ode to their musical tastes, while watching The Money Pit I recommend drinking an I Gotta Bee Me Martini.

I Gotta Bee Me Martini

4 oz vodka

1 oz lemon juice

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon warm water

Combine honey and warm water in a cocktail shaker and stir it until the honey is dissolved. Add vodka, lemon juice, and ice and shake vigorously until chilled. Strain into a cocktail glass.

Bee Martini

This cocktail seems easy enough for me to make while I’m held hostage in another part of the house for a week (or two, or three- we’ll see). Luckily I have a partner who’s in this all the way with me; someone who won’t accuse me of seducing an ex to pay for a new oven. After all, he knows I hate to cook. Cheers!

Troop Beverly Hills

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Troop Beverly Hills

Image credit: Troop Beverly Hills, 1989

When a box of Girl Scout cookies landed on my desk this week, I was so happy that I practically jumped up and did “The Freddie”. Why Girl Scouts of America insists on selling cookies when most of the country is enduring a post-holiday diet I have NO idea, but I do know that I am powerless against the allure of Thin Mints. I’m also powerless against watching this week’s film Troop Beverly Hills (DVD/Download) while eating said Thin Mints.

If you are a girl who grew up in the late 80’s/early 90’s, you most likely remember this movie (or have it memorized like me). Shelley Long plays Beverly Hills housewife Phyllis Nefler, who takes charge of her daughter’s scout troop despite having zero wilderness experience. Instead of campfires and kumbaya, they have sleepovers at the Beverly Hills Hotel and lessons in diamond appraisal. Instead of door-to-door cookie sales, it’s celebrity fashion shows with Robin Leach. The scout troop is filled with future stars like Carla Gugino and Jenny Lewis, and even a young Tori Spelling pops up in rival troop The Redfeathers! Craig T. Nelson is likeable as always as Phyllis’ soon-to-be-ex-husband, and given the fact that I finally finished watching Parenthood, I literally cannot wait to see young(er) Zeke Braverman battling it out with a feisty redhead.

If you know this movie, then you also know what time it is. Yes, that’s right, it’s- COOKIE TIME! A box of them would be so niiice- (buy some!). This week, I’ll be mixing up a cocktail inspired by my favorite Girl Scout cookie. While watching Troop Beverly Hills, I recommend drinking a Thin Mint Martini.

Thin Mint Martini

Chocolate Syrup

Crushed Thin Mints

1 oz peppermint schnapps

2 oz white chocolate liqueur

2 oz half-and-half

To prepare glass, rim the edge in chocolate syrup, then dip in crushed thin mints. Swirl additional syrup around inside of the glass. Place in freezer for 10 minutes to chill. Then, mix remaining ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into prepared glass.

thin mint martini

I never joined the Girl Scouts as a child, but this was only because I didn’t have Phyllis Nefler as my troop leader. Had there been patches for turquoise jewelry appreciation and 60’s dance moves, I would have signed up immediately. Cheers, to khaki wishes and cookie dreams!