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Encino Man

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Encino Man, 1992

Encino Man, 1992

As Cher Horowitz once so wisely said, “Searching for a boy in high school is like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.” With that in mind, please know that I find absolutely no deep meaning in this week’s film Encino Man (DVD/Download). It’s simply a funny 90’s time-capsule, where high school students were played by 25-year olds, going to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee and a microwave burrito was still a thing, and even with WAY too much hair product and baggy surfer clothes, Brendan Fraser was hot.

Encino Man is about two high school seniors (played by Sean Astin and Pauly Shore) who uncover a caveman frozen in ice while digging for a swimming pool. They thaw the ice, and a muddy Brendan Fraser emerges. Somehow, a mute, dreadlocked caveman is considered cool in high school, and “Link” (as in Missing) manages to elevate the popularity of the dorks who dug him up. They go up against the resident jock bully, and Sean Astin tries to win the heart of the most popular girl in school. Also, we get an introductory lesson into Pauly Shore-speak. I still don’t know what “weezing the juice” means exactly, and I’m not sure I want to. However, his assertion that Sweet Tarts are part of the fruit group is something I strongly agree with.

The catastrophic event that caused Link’s burial was a massive earthquake, followed by a mudslide. I don’t know about you, but I’m officially ready for frozen drink season to begin. While watching Encino Man, I recommend drinking a Frozen Mudslide.

Frozen Mudslide

2 oz vodka

2 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur

2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

6 oz vanilla ice cream

Chocolate syrup

Whipped cream

Blend alcohol with ice cream. Swirl chocolate syrup around inner edges of a glass. Pour frozen drink into the glass and top with whipped cream and more chocolate syrup.


This movie brings back so many childhood memories of lazy Saturday afternoons in front of the TV. I’m a little annoyed that I’m still able to quote certain scenes word for word. What other useless trivia is my mind storing? Is that why I can’t remember genuinely important things now like my bank account number or the proper ratio of Cointreau to tequila in a margarita? Too many crap movies as a kid? Oh well, the damage is done I suppose. Cheers!


Image credit: Tri-star Pictures, 1993, Rudy

Image credit: Tri-star Pictures, 1993, Rudy

Since it’s been one whole year of Cinema Sips fabulousness, I’m harkening back to my very first post on A League of Their Own, where I discussed my general disdain for sporting events, and my inexplicable love for sports movies. This year, I’m switching games so I can talk about one of the all-time best football movies, Rudy (DVD/Download). Now that we’re heavy into college football season, it’s definitely appropriate viewing. While I roll my eyes at a Facebook newsfeed littered with tailgate photos and score updates, I plan on watching Rudy with a tasty autumnal cocktail in my hand to usher in fall. Some autumn spice candles may be lit- we’ll have to see.

Rudy is the wonderful inspirational movie about young Rudy Ruettiger, whose main dream in life is to play football for Notre Dame. He’s not the best student, so he can’t get into Notre Dame on academic merit, and he’s pretty small for a football player, so he’d never be recruited. But, he doesn’t give up. Even after being rejected time and time again, he continues to work on his studies at nearby Holy Cross, improving his grades, until eventually he’s accepted. Then he goes to work on becoming a football player. Everybody tells him he’ll never make the team, but he persists day in and day out, until eventually he makes the practice team. From there, he never misses a practice, and always gives a 110% during training, until finally, they let him dress for a game and run out onto the field with all the other top players. Honestly, during the final moments of the film, with Rudy’s family and friends cheering him on in the stands, I’m a weeping mess. This is the Marley & Me of sports movies- you just can’t watch it without tearing up. The game is utterly uninteresting to me. What makes this such a great film is the courageous, tenacious, and unbreakable spirit of Rudy.

My drink this week is inspired by the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.  It features that great Irish export Bailey’s, along with apple and caramel.  Perfect for fall, and for when you just can’t drink another pumpkin spice latte.  This week, while watching Rudy, I’ll be drinking a Fightin’ Irish Appletini.

Fightin’ Irish Appletini

3 oz Baileys Caramel Irish Cream

1 1/2 oz Smirnoff Green Apple Flavored Vodka

1 teaspoon caramel

1 apple slice

Add Baileys and Vodka into a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake until chilled.  Prepare glass by swirling caramel on the bottom and sides.  Strain liquids into glass, then garnish with an apple slice.


After thinking about this movie, I got to wondering what Rudy Ruettiger did after the big game at the end. If that was his life’s goal, to play in a Notre Dame football game, wouldn’t it all be downhill from there? A little internet research has informed me that he’s now a motivational speaker, which made me remember that the real Rudy actually did come speak at my elementary school 20 years ago, and I’m sure at the time my only thought was, “Well he looks nothing like Sean Astin.” I’m happy that his life took this particular career path though, if only because I’m seeing now how important it is that kids understand that their dreams are attainable. It’s not going to be easy, and nothing will be handed out on a silver platter, but if you work hard enough, and don’t give up, anything is possible. So hats off to Rudy and this movie for inspiring generations of people, and for goodness sake don’t forget to watch it with a box of Kleenex. Cheers!