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Five Times Anne Bancroft was EVERYTHING

I’ve featured Anne Bancroft films a couple of times on Cinema Sips recently, and it’s made me realize that the woman is just amazing. Her style, her sense of humor, her way of elevating even the worst script- she’s a legend for a reason. In my 20’s I idolized Audrey Hepburn (doesn’t every girl have an Audrey phase?) but now that I’m a little older, I’m all about Anne Bancroft. Here are my five picks for when she was EVERYTHING.

  1. Mrs. Robinson, The Graduate
Anne Bancroft The Graduate

Image credit:  The Graduate, 1967

Leopard print for days. Those tanned, toned legs. That withering stare. How could Benjamin Braddock ever resist?

  1. Adele Larson, Home for the Holidays
Image credit: Home for the Holidays, 1995

Image credit: Home for the Holidays, 1995

Sure she wears unflattering winter coats and chain smokes in the pantry, but she’s still the mom that makes us want to come home for the holidays. And the bunion sneakers! I die.

  1. Glady Joe, How to Make an American Quilt
Anne Bancroft How to Make an American Quilt

Image Credit: How to Make an American Quilt, 1995

In the grand tradition of Anne Bancroft being the best thing about literally every crappy movie she’s in, Aunt Glady makes me smile as she sings along to Neil Diamond and gets high on the porch. And eats an astonishing amount of ice cream.

  1. Ms. Dinsmore, Great Expectations
Image credit: Great Expecations, 1998

Image credit: Great Expecations, 1998

She had me with the crazy eye liner and predilection for martinis. And then she went red. Even though her bedroom smells like cat piss, I still want to move in.

  1. Herself, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Image Credit: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 4, Episode 10, 2004

Image Credit: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 4, Episode 10, 2004

Iconic and chic right up until the end, it seems fitting that one of Anne Bancroft’s final performances was alongside her devoted husband Mel Brooks. Because love and laughter are the best accessories a woman can have. Although her pink gloves are pretty fabulous….

The Graduate

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Image Credit: The Graduate, 1967

Image Credit: The Graduate, 1967

One of my favorite movies to watch in the summer is Mike Nichols’ classic The Graduate (DVD/Download). The image of Dustin Hoffman floating aimlessly in a turquoise pool while his dad harasses him about his plans for the future makes me long for hot summer days free from responsibility. Now there’s work, and blogging, and writing, and all the normal things that come with being an adult. But for a typical 21-22 year old, the biggest thing that’s expected of you is remembering to put on sunblock. Those were the days.

The Graduate is essentially a film about relationships. Dustin Hoffman’s character Benjamin Braddock begins an affair with the older Mrs. Robinson, then later falls for her daughter Elaine. A weird, disturbing love triangle ensues, and I’m not even sure I want him to end up with the age-appropriate but fickle Elaine. By the end of the movie, I just want Benjamin to leave Pasadena and finally start that career in plastics. As a recent college graduate, he wanders through life looking perpetually depressed, even when lying next to sexy Anne Bancroft in a hotel bed. She’s absolutely the best thing in this movie, and I’m still stunned that she was only 36 when she was cast.  Frankly, I might have been better off not knowing this little piece of trivia (since that’s currently only 4 years older than me.  Yikes.).  The other thing that draws me into this film is the Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack. It always reminds me of the summer when I was 11 or 12 years old, waiting all day for the Pittsburgh oldies radio station to play “Mrs. Robinson”. If I was really lucky, I’d get to hear it more than once over the span of the afternoon. (Kids today- they have no idea what it was like before iTunes.)

For a sophisticated, mature, fashion-forward woman like Mrs. Robinson, who makes even leopard print seem classy, I’m mixing up a drink that fits her lifestyle. Bold and refined, this cocktail recipe was something I found in the fabulous book Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails (a true must-read for any cocktail aficionado). While watching The Graduate, I recommend drinking an Elder Fashion.

Elder Fashion

2 oz Plymouth Gin

½ oz St. Germaine elderflower liqueur

2 dashes orange bitters

Grapefruit twist

Stir all ingredients over ice, then strain into a glass containing 1 large ice cube. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

elder fashion

My favorite scenes take place in Mrs. Robinson’s swanky living room bar. I have no words to describe how much I love the décor. If I could decorate my whole house in her Palm Springs/vintage style, I totally would (as it is, I settled for just my living room). She may be kind of a crazy mess, but Mrs. Robinson will always be an icon of sophistication. Cheers!

Top Five Movie Bars (Private)

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When I started the Top Five Lists last month, I promised that I would feature some private home bars that are pretty amazing. Today, dear readers, is that day. These are the bars that I wish I had in my own house- the ones I want to come home to after a long day at the office. Sadly, the generic freestanding bar in the corner of my living room is going to have to do for now. Without further ado, the Top 5 Movie Bars (Private):

1)  The Clutterbuck Home, The Party

party bar

This is pretty much the ultimate in home bars. Mid-century modern styling, a fire pit, a bar that disappears with the flip of a switch to make room for a dance floor, enough vodka to make a beautiful starlet fall for a homely waiter, and a parrot in the corner. Howdy Par-ten-er.


2)  Jackie Treehorn’s house- The Big Lebowski



Porn stars, White Russians, an Epcot Spaceship Earth ceiling, and furniture made out of concrete. All the ingredients for a good time.


3)  Jorgenson Residence- A Summer Place

Summer Place

A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house, on the beach, with a fully loaded cocktail bar. I’ve just described my personal version of heaven.


4)  Mrs. Robinson’s house- The Graduate

mrs robinson house

Classy and seductive, just like Mrs. Robinson herself.


5)  Greenville club, Django Unchained



This skirts the line at private because it appears to be some sort of 1800’s speakeasy in a Victorian house, but certainly the guest list is limited.  I’m not a fan of the, ahem, “entertainment”, but the bartender looks mighty competent.  Is that a coconut tiki drink I spy in Leonardo DiCaprio’s hand??